Who has the Purple Lightsaber in Star Wars

Other Notable Wielders of the Purple Lightsaber in Star Wars

Purple Lightsaber in Star Wars: The purple lightsaber, primarily associated with Mace Windu, is unique within the Star Wars universe. Its distinctive color symbolizes a balance between the light and dark sides of the Force. The purple blade was chosen by actor Samuel L. Jackson, who portrayed Windu.

Curious about the purple lightsaber in Star Wars? It’s linked to the famous Jedi, Mace Windu.

He used the Force to foresee the effects of his actions, unlike other Jedi. This skill shaped the design and creation of his purple lightsaber. To make it, he went on a quest to gather rare materials.

Windu’s lightsaber, with its unique electrum finish, symbolized his wisdom and rank. It was a key part of his life and his battles. However, he lost it in a fight with Darth Sidious.

Purple Lightsaber in Star Wars

Key Takeaways

  • Mace Windu is the most iconic wielder of the purple lightsaber in Star Wars.
  • The purple lightsaber is crafted using the rare Hurrikane Crystal.
  • Mace Windu’s combat tactics were heavily defensive, showcasing his mastery of Form VII lightsaber combat.
  • Other notable wielders of the purple lightsaber include An’ya Kuro and Jaina Solo Fel.
  • An’ya Kuro achieved eternal consciousness as a Force ghost, highlighting her profound connection to the Force.
  • Jaina Solo Fel’s diverse talents in mechanics, piloting, and firearms exemplify the versatility of Jedi skills beyond the Force.

Mace Windu: The Most Iconic Wielder

Mace Windu is known for his rare purple lightsaber in Star Wars. It is one of the most iconic lightsabers in the series. This weapon has won the hearts of fans and stands out in the Jedi weapons collection.

The Origins of Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber

In 32 BBY, before the Naboo Invasion, Mace Windu made his purple lightsaber. The Jedi Council doubted his idea at first. To prove himself, he went to Hurikane. There, he used a special crystal, the Hurrikane Crystal, in his saber, making it powerful and unique.

Windu’s Signature Weapon and Abilities

Windu’s lightsaber has a distinct look. It’s 28-centimeters long with an electrum-plated alloy. The purple blade, an actor’s choice, made Windu stand out. In battle, he showed his mastery with it, especially against Jango Fett at Geonosis.

He was a master of Form VII and had strong Force skills. This let him block blaster shots and fight well. Windu even turned Force lightning back upon his enemies.

Legacy and Impact in the Star Wars Universe

The lightsaber was key in the fight against the Sith. Windu lost it during a battle. Despite this, Mace Windu’s lightsaber is still remembered. It shows his balance between good and evil. Windu used it in many important battles, helping win against the Separatists and saving lives.

Here are the details of Mace Windu’s lightsaber:

Hilt Length28 cm
MaterialElectrum-plated Alloy
Blade ColorPurple
Core CrystalHurrikane (Kyber) Crystal
ConstructedPrior to 32 BBY
Notable ConflictsGeonosis, Ryloth, Malastare

Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber stands as a symbol of his power and legacy in the Star Wars universe. It has a deep meaning for fans and historians. This lightsaber is still honored for its unique traits and story.

Other Notable Wielders of the Purple Lightsaber in Star Wars

The purple lightsaber in Star Wars goes beyond Mace Windu’s hands. Many Jedi and Sith used this special blade too. We’ll look at two standouts known for their skill with it.

An’ya Kuro: The Dark Woman

An’ya Kuro, or the Dark Woman, is a key figure who used the purple lightsaber in Star Wars. She was a Jedi Master who worked as a spy for the Jedi during the Clone Wars. An’ya trained Jon Antilles, Ki-Adi-Mundi, A’Sharad Hett, and Aurra Sing. She was skilled in the Force, able to control plants and hide through light bending. This showed how Jedi could find unique ways to use their weapons.

Jaina Solo Fel: Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order

Jaina Solo Fel comes from the famed Skywalker family. She’s well-known for using the purple lightsaber in Star Wars. Jaina was a Jedi Master in the New Jedi Order and sat on the Jedi High Council. She started a secret group called Darkmeld. Jaina was great at mechanics and flying. Plus, she had powerful Force skills and was a strong leader. Her use of the purple lightsaber shows how important lightsaber colors are in Star Wars.

CharacterRoleUnique AbilitiesKey Contributions
An’ya KuroJedi MasterPlant Control, Invisibility, Force GhostTrained notable apprentices and served as a spy
Jaina Solo FelJedi MasterStrong Force Abilities, Piloting SkillsMember of Jedi High Council, Founder of Darkmeld


In Star Wars, the purple lightsaber is very special. It’s linked with Mace Windu, a top Jedi Council member. Unlike the usual blue and green sabers, this purple one shines because only a few like Mace Windu use it. It shows a perfect mix of light and dark Force power.

Mace Windu is known for his purple lightsaber. It includes a rare purple Kyber crystal. This makes him stand out among Jedi. His unique fighting style shows he can use both light and dark power for good. His lightsaber tells the story of his fight against darkness with the light.

Purple lightsabers are hard to find, making them special in Star Wars. Thanks to Samuel L. Jackson’s role, the purple saber caught many fans’ eyes. The rare purple Kyber crystals play a big part in this. They add to the magic of these weapons. No matter if it’s a Jedi or a Sith, using a purple lightsaber is a bold move that represents power, balance, and the complex nature of the Force.

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Who has the purple lightsaber in Star Wars?

In the Star Wars world, Mace Windu is most known for his purple lightsaber. It shows his unique power in the Force. Also, it points to his high status in the Jedi Council.

What is the significance of Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber?

Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber is special because of its rarity. It’s a sign of his great skill with the Force. The lightsaber’s special crystal and finish reflect his standing in the Jedi Council.

How did Mace Windu create his purple lightsaber?

Mace Windu saw his future lightsaber in a Force vision. He found and used a unique crystal to make it after a special mission. This mission showed his skill and earned him the crystal.

What were some of Mace Windu’s abilities with his purple lightsaber?

Mace Windu used Form VII lightsaber combat, which is aggressive. He could do many powerful things. For example, he could block blaster shots and control others’ minds.

He also could make himself stronger and send back Force lightning.

How did Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber influence his legacy in the Star Wars universe?

Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber is a key part of his legacy. It shows his major role in the Jedi and the Republic. It marks him as a top warrior and a skilled Force user.

Who are other notable wielders of the purple lightsaber in Star Wars?

Two other standout characters with purple lightsabers are the Dark Woman and Jaina Solo Fel. They have made big impacts in the Star Wars story with their purple lightsabers.

What are some unique abilities of An’ya Kuro with her purple lightsaber?

An’ya Kuro had some really unique skills. She could control plants and hide by changing how light works.

She also could become a sort of spirit after dying.

How is Jaina Solo Fel connected to the purple lightsaber?

As a member of the Skywalker family, Jaina Solo Fel used a purple lightsaber. She was powerful in the Force, good with machines, and a leader on the High Council.

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