Optus Internet Packages and Services

Optus Internet Packages and Services

Optus, a leading telecommunications company in Australia, offers a range of internet plans to suit your home and mobile needs. This guide delves into the details of Optus internet packages, activation processes, and helpful tips for managing your account.

What is Optus?

Optus is a primary Australian telecommunications provider. It offers mobile phone plans, internet access (including NBN and 4G/5G options), and television packages. The Optus is known for its competitive rates and comprehensive network coverage.

Optus Internet Packages

Optus nbn™ Home Internet packages

Package NameDownload Speed (Mbps)Data AllowanceContract LengthModem**Monthly Price (Approx.)
Optus Plus Everyday BasicUp to 50UnlimitedMonth-to-MonthOptional (Rental or BYO)**AUD $60
Optus Plus Power UpUp to 100Unlimited12 MonthsOptional (Rental or BYO)**AUD $80
Optus Plus Entertainment Bundle**Up to 100Unlimited24 MonthsIncludedAUD $90
Optus Plus Ultra Bundle**Up to 250Unlimited24 MonthsIncludedAUD $120

BYO means “Bring Your Own” modem. Ensure your modem is compatible with the nbn™ connection type at your address.
Entertainment Bundle and Ultra Bundle may include a home phone plan along with internet.
Prices are approximate and subject to change.
Check the Optus website for the latest plan inclusions and accurate pricing.

Optus 5G Home Broadband packages

PlanSpeedDataPriceNetflix IncludedSpecial Offers
Optus Plus Everyday 5GMax: 50Mbps, Typical: 45/11 MbpsUnlimitedAUD $69/monthNo1 month free, $0 start-up fee
Optus Plus Everyday Fast 5GMax: 100Mbps, Typical: 87/15MbpsUnlimitedAUD $79/monthNo1 month free, $0 start-up fee
Optus Plus Entertainer Superfast 5GUncapped speed, Typical: 240/20 MbpsUnlimitedAUD $89/month for 6 months, then $99/monthYes1 month free, $0 start-up fee, Netflix included

Optus 4G Home Internet packages

Package NameDownload Speed (Mbps)Data AllowanceContract LengthModem**Monthly Price (Approx.)
Optus Plus Everyday Basic 4GUp to 100200GBMonth-to-MonthOptional (Rental or BYO)**AUD $59

Optus Mobile Broadband Packages

Package NameData AllowanceSpeed (Typical)Contract LengthMonthly Price (Approx.)
Optus Everyday Data SIM30GBUp to 300 MbpsMonth-to-MonthAUD $40
Optus Plus Data Pro SIM100GBUp to 300 Mbps12 MonthsAUD $60
Optus Plus Data XL SIM200GBUp to 300 Mbps24 MonthsAUD $80

Getting Started with Optus

How to Activate Optus Mobile Plan:

Activating your Optus mobile plan is straightforward. You can do it online through your Optus account or by calling Optus customer service.

How to Cancel Optus Internet

The cancellation process for Optus Internet depends on your specific plan and contract. Generally, you can cancel online, via phone, or through a physical Optus store. Be sure to check any applicable termination fees.

How to Cancel Optus Home Internet

Follow the same guidelines as cancelling Optus internet – online, phone, or in-store. Cancellation fees might apply depending on your contract.

Managing Your Optus Account

How to Recharge Optus:

Top-up your Optus mobile plan conveniently online through your Optus account, via the My Optus app, or at recharge points like convenience stores.

How to Check Optus Balance via SMS:

Check your remaining balance by sending a free SMS, “MENU”, to 9999.

Optus International Roaming:

To enable international roaming on your Optus mobile plan, log in to your online account or contact Optus customer service.

Troubleshooting Common Optus Issues

Why is the internet light red on my Optus modem?

A red internet light on your Optus modem typically indicates a connection issue. Restart your modem and router. If the problem persists, contact Optus technical support.

Which internet providers use the Optus network?

Optus is a retail service provider that owns and operates its network infrastructure—some more minor providers lease access to Optus’ network in certain areas.

How to Check Internet Speed Optus?

You can check your internet speed using various online speed test websites. Optus may also offer an internet speed checker tool on their website.

How to Change Optus Internet Password?

Change your Optus internet password by logging in to your online account and navigating to your modem settings.

How to Check Optus Data Balance?

You can check your remaining data balance by sending the free SMS “MENU” to 9999 or logging in to your Optus account.

Check your Prepaid balance by calling tel:555.

Optus Customer Support:

The Optus 24/7 support number is tel:133937


Optus offers diverse internet packages catering to various needs and budgets. Utilizing the information and resources provided in this guide allows you to make informed decisions about your Optus internet service and manage your account effectively. Remember, for the most up-to-date information and specific details on promotions or troubleshooting, refer directly to the Optus website or contact their customer service team.

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